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Pedro Velasquez, Owner

Pedro has been performing tree service work for Charlottesville and Albemarle County Virginia property owners since 2007 and is proud of his impeccable service record.
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Are You Looking for an Albemarle County Tree Service?
If you're searching for a reliable and established tree service contractor in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, then you've come to the right place! At Genesis Tree Service, we take pride in what we do and we price our professional tree services competitively, with a mind to saving our valued clients’ money!
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We've been in business for years, so we're definitely an integral part of the Charlottesville community. We serve the needs of many different types of clients, including homeowners, business owners and government agencies. We are here to provide tree care which beautifies properties and ensures the highest standards of tree safety.
Our team of arborists have all of the right skills, training and certifications and this means that placing your trust in our company today will be a wise decision.
We offer all of the services that our customers want and need, including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, storm cleanup and emergency tree services. We are also pleased to offer free estimates.

When you choose us, we'll give you caring and personalized customer service. We'll take good care of your trees and property.

Also, you'll love our fast response times.
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Which tree services do you need?
Our team will be able to handle any type of tree service job. You may rely on us to deliver the right standard of care. It's all about making certain that your trees are able to offer shade, fresh air and beauty for generations! As well, our tree service options will minimize the risk of damage from falling tree limbs or trees. 
Our company is owned locally and operated by a team of arborists who utilize the most technologically-advanced equipment and communication systems. Since we have the right arboriculture equipment and communication equipment, we're ready for anything.

As well, you should know that we have full liability insurance coverage.

When you select our company, we'll care for your trees in an efficient and safe manner. Our commitment to superb workmanship, safety and customer service keeps our company thriving throughout the years. The success of our company is all about the hard work and dedication of our team members.

We know that we're only as good as our last job and no job is too big or small. Choose us for a single tree service or a variety of services. We give our clients all of the options that they want.
Access Professional Tree Removal
Trees may be liabilities or assets, depending on their health and placement. If an expert tree risk assessment has revealed a potential problem at your property, such as a diseased and/or damaged tree, then tree removal may be the smartest solution. 

When you hire Genesis Tree Service of Charlottesville, we'll send a professional arborist to your location. This seasoned pro will be able to remove the tree in question efficiently and safely. Tree removal tasks vary widely in terms of complexity. Less-experienced arborists may make errors which end up costing you quite a bit of money. This is why you'll do well to hire our team. We do know the ropes and we don't make costly mistakes! 

Safety is always the top priority as our arborists size up new tasks and then implement sensible plans of action. In addition to removing trees, we offer a range of related services, such as tree stump grinding and tree trimming, which help to beautify properties after tree removal.  

Also, you should know that we provide emergency tree services. If there is a storm or another issue which necessitates quick tree service, you may call us day or night. We'll be able to get things handled, whether you need a tree removal, storm cleanup or both. 

We'll make sure that someone is there to help as soon as possible.
Tree trimming and pruning
We Are Tree Trimming Experts
Another tree service that we're proud to offer is tree trimming. Our tree trimming services are reasonably-priced and they make it so easy to open up views and raise overgrown tree canopies. If you want to ensure that they canopy size of a tree is reduced, you'll find that our experts know how to perform crown reduction tree trimming. Our team is also able to perform an array of other tree trimming processes. We will always choose the most appropriate tree trimming style for a specific purpose.  

We recommend regular trimming of trees which are situated close to power lines or structures. If you want an arborist consultation, please get in touch today. You'll find that the cost of regular tree trimming is very manageable and that it's a smart way to protect your home or commercial property investment. 
We Know Virginia Trees
Trees in Virginia have their own distinct characteristics, such as susceptibility to diseases which are region-specific. As well, the central Virginia area has particular tree pests, as well as unique environmental conditions. 

When you choose us today, you'll be hiring a tree service company whose experts really understand Virginia trees! Our arborists will always keep regional concerns in mind as they perform their duties. These pros know the secret of keeping Albemarle County trees beautiful, healthy and strong!

All tree services that we take care of are delivered in an environmentally-responsible manner. 
How to Get an Estimate
We believe in making life easier for our valued customers, whether they are new to using our company or regular clients. This is why we've created an estimate system which is very simple to access. Just call or email us in order to request a quote. Once you get in touch, we'll look at your needs and then offer you a realistic estimate for services. If a consultation at your property is required, we'll set that up for you and then provide an estimate once the consultation is complete. 

It's even possible to request a quote from us via Yelp! Just look us up on the Yelp! platform and then hit the "request a quote" button! 

We have a 5-star rating, so you'll find that we're a safe pick. We've earned our good business reputation by performing careful and thorough work for affordable rates. 
Please Reach Out Today
We're here to help. This is why we encourage you to call or email us today. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to learn more about our company and why you should hire us. We offer the right tree services and we never overcharge our clients or tack on hidden fees. 

We do business with integrity and transparency. You deserve the level of honesty, hard work and caring customer service that we provide. We'll make sure that you get more for your hard-earned money.  
Tree cutting and tree care in Albemarle county, Virginia
Now that you know more about us and our practical and affordable tree services, why not request a consultation and/or quote? It's so easy to get in touch and you'll find that you're treated with respect from the first interaction to the final follow-up. We want happy customers and this is why we go the extra mile in order to handle every detail of our jobs perfectly, from tree removal to tree trimming to emergency services and beyond. 
All tree service contractors are not created equal. If you want years of experience, licensed arborists and competitive rates, please choose Genesis Tree Service of Charlottesville today. We love doing business in the central Virginia region and we'll help you whether you're a residential, commercial or government client.

Now is the right time to access high-quality tree service that doesn't bust your budget. Call or email today. 
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